OLD – PU Product Brochure

Numold PU Price List – download PDF

PU Mould 1

FLEX-FORM Self supporting mould system in clear High Density Polyurethane on pallet system. Made from High-Tech engineered tooling. Single and Gang moulds available.

PU Mould 2

An example of a bespoke Flex-form mould – a heav y duty Wall Coping range incorporating vac demould polyurethane moulds in multiple gang format demoulds 8 at a time. Supplied to a major company based in Europe.

PU Mould 3

Full 9 f t clear 5 ” x 4 ” Intermediate (upto 5m lengths ) , Stop- Ends , Corners and Three-Way Slotted Fence Post moulds. The Numold one piece precision, lightweight durable mould with flat profile and symmetrical dimensions.

PU Mould 4 PU Mould 5

Liner Only mould in Polyurethane. This method requires a timber or steel carrier support and is ideal for manual use where bulk carrier s are required.

PU Mould 6

Kerb Moulds – example of cold cast polyurethane, cast from originals complete with heavy duty plywood box .

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