The new Wonder Block



Introducing Numold’s New Hollow Pier Mortar Free Walling System.
Creating easy self build walls and Columns for Home and Commercial Landscape Projects.


Blocks are produced from easy to fill and strip self elastomer one piece moulds – complete with one piece frame and core for quick release and production on standard systems. Combined with our ‘NEW’ design Random Rockface Panels in 1800mm & 1200mm x 300mm height…. Cast on side at 40mm thickness with unique mortar joint free 2 stone face designs provides 4 random stone patterns on each side. Making this the most realistic reconstituted stone walling system available. Complete with full range of rebated Copings
and Caps for simple click location.

  • From small Ornamental Walls to 6’ high or more with steel reinforcement core.
  • Retaining Walls filled with Concrete or Earth for planting or living walls.
  • Raised Beds in Multi configurations using 1800mm or 1200mm Panels cut to size.

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